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How it Works

How it Works

Do you want to become the must popular, trusted moving company in your area? We will make sure you get there. We handle everything you need - whether it is basic moving company website hosting or the creation of custom quote forms for your website. If you need help getting 5-star reviews on Yelp or Google, we can handle it. Do you need general advice about internet marketing? We are here to answer your questions. We have many proven ways to generate business for your company using our moving company SEO tactics. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get your phones ringing:
  • Raise your Google rankings in your service area so your customers can find you when they type keywords into search engines. We do this by implementing an industry specific keyword moving company SEO strategy.

  • Push your Google Places listing to the top.We do this by implementing all the signals Google uses to rank local websites.

  • Optimize your businesses moving company website so that customers will feel comfortable completing transactions. We use modern web designs complete with high quality content and quote forms so you can convert customers.

  • Streamline your Adwords (PPC) campaign so you can pay less per click and get more visibility online – above your competitors.

Marketing for Moving Companies

Digital Marketing and Moving Company SEOWe understand the success of your business relies on the success of your digital marketing strategy. A strong online moving company marketing campaign is essential for the success of movers. Consumers use the internet almost exclusively to search for businesses, and this is true for local searches as well. If you’re not utilizing this volume of searches to full capacity, then you’re not generating the kind of business potential you need to grow and expand your business.

 According to a Local Consumer Review Survey, 85% of people said they used the internet to find local businesses.

We Have a Proven Game Plan

You may not know where to start with moving company marketing, but we do. We have years of experience helping our clients get the search engine rankings and conversions they need for a growing business. We specialize in the moving industry because we know how specific the keyword targeting needs to be for success. People search almost exclusively for movers online, so we utilize specific strategies so that your company will see an increase in phone calls and leads you need to sustain your business in the modern world.

Marketing is Tough for Movers

We understand it can be difficult to work on a moving company marketing strategy. You have many other things to deal with on a daily basis as a mover. Your life is full of truck inspections, finding and hiring trustworthy movers to employee because of the high turnover rate, dealing with claims that items were broken or mishandled during a move, or figuring out licensing, insurance, DOT numbers, and permits in your area. There are much more pressing things that concern you than whether or not moving company websites are optimized for conversion. Which is where we step in.

How We Help You

We are experts in digital marketing, and specialize in search engine optimization. We know what puts you at the top of the search results, and we will get you there. By utilizing our proven methods, you will see results and your phone will start ringing. We understand the importance of your digital marketing strategy cannot be overstressed. We offer a variety of services to put a moving company website at the top of search results so you get better ROI:

Modern Web Design


We design modern moving company websites that are clean and uncomplicated. We know that visitors need to feel comfortable and confident they are researching and looking at a well-respected, trusted moving company.

Keyword Research

We do in-depth keyword research to determine what people are searching for to find a mover in their area. We analyze the competition for the keyword in your area so we can tailor a moving company advertising strategy just for you. 

Excellent Content

Our content writers don’t just write content for the sake of filing up content on your website. They do their research so they know what searchers are looking for, and providing compelling answers and information about their move. 

On-Page Optimization

Many moving company SEO companies provide on-page optimization. But ours goes beyond simply putting the right words on the page. We understand how to get customers to convert and make the call for you to be their mover.

Link Building

We understand all aspects of search engine optimization for movers, and work to build a strong network of quality links that meet Google’s guidelines, build authority, and bring traffic to your website.

Ongoing Marketing

Writing helpful blogs and creating and maintaining a social presence are key aspects of the modern digital marketing strategy. We create engaging platforms on social media for you to engage with your clients.

Follow Us for Tips and Advice

We know you don’t have to time be up-to-date with the latest news for marketing for moving companies. We gather all this information for you and keep our blog updated with helpful tips, advice, and ideas for how to better capture and engage customers. We are always studying ways to better serve our clients, and we pass on that knowledge so you can become a better marketer yourself.

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Why We Stand Out

We know there's tons of other SEO & digital marketing companies out there you could partner with.

Organic SEO

We are obsessed with driving moving company websites to the top of Google! There's no better ROI than ranking #1 for a keyword that gets 800 searches each month. It's ooh so satisfying when you see results.

Paid Ads Management

We offer a flat rate, so it's in our best interest to lower your cost per click when it comes to paid moving company advertisements. Because we don't get a percentage of what you spend, we won't make you pay for keywords that don't get you the business you need.

High Converting Websites

We design moving company websites that make your phone ring and get conversions. We do this by optimizing your pages and creating strong calls to action so your customers follow through. We don't just send customers to your site - we ensure they'll do business with you.

Google Safe

We create websites and content that operate within Google's guidelines. We don't try to cheat the system or spam the search results, because we know that would result in a penalization. Our goal is to create a long-term moving company website that will be an asset.

Track Your Rank

You will get access to our rank tracking reports within Google for the keywords we have targeted for your business. And, you can view these results 24/7 - when you need to see them, so you know where your business stands and how you can grow and expand your moving company SEO campaign.

1st Page Guarantee

We promise to get your moving company website on the 1st page of Google for your keyword within 90 days. If we don't, we'll work for free until we do.

Our Services

No matter which service you choose, our goal is to provide moving companies with more moves. Our pricing is determined by the population of your city and the strength of the competition. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us. You'll speak with a friendly, helpful digital marketing expert - not a salesperson - who will walk you through the process so you can make the best choice for your moving company advertising.

Paid Ads

We work to reduce your cost per click.
  • Adwords Certified
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • High Placed Ads
  • Lowest CPC
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Improve Quality Scores
Starting @ $150/month

Organic SEO

Custom SEO packages for every business.
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Link Building
  • Complete Website Analysis
  • Social Media Engagement
Starting @ $450/month

Web Design

Modern, high conversion websites.
  • User friendly designs
  • Mobile Ready
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • High Converting Pages
  • Bulletproof Hosting
  • Lightning Fast Page Load
Starting @ $500/site

Recent Client Results

Do detailed reports give you that warm, fuzzy feeling? Check out our monthly progress reports. (Note: See all that upward movement? This is a very satisfied client).

Case Studies + Stories

We've taken movers from stagnant to thriving. It feels great to have that kind of direct positive impact on success of a business, and we will do it again with every new client who joins us. Read what our clients have to say about us:
client image

Before working with Rank Moving, during peak season we were pre-booked 80-100 out. Not only did they keep us at this number through the winter, the next year we had to add trucks and staff to handle the increase in bookings. Now we consistently see 7-8 leads/day come through our online quote form, and during the busy season its closer to 15-20. We close about 2/3 of these leads, so we're generating more than double the business.

Our Denver Client
Denver, CO
client image

We signed up after a referral and trial. We started with Rank Moving after buying the moving company, very little existing client base. Since our budget was small, we only focused on ranking the smaller areas like Allen & Plano. We saw such good results that we are now expanding our SEO to cover the entire Dallas area. Without Rank Moving we'd still be fighting to stay afloat.

Our Dallas Client
Dallas, TX
client image

We were tired of struggling by each winter, waiting for the busy spring/summer season to turn a profit. We took a chance on these guys, and being burned by SEO in the past I wasn't expecting much. Our business has completely changed, we are now the biggest moving company in our area! I'm on good terms with a few of our competitors and they've called to ask what we're doing.

Our Boston Client
Boston, MA

We Specialize in Generating Online Traffic & Leads Movers

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Who We Are

In a nutshell: We're internet marketing nerds. We love our jobs, and we read SEO news, the latest lead capturing techniques, and Google's blog in our free time. We become ridiculously invested in the success of our clients, and we celebrate every time our clients hit major online milestones.

Our history: We started out as a general SEO company for all industries, but we found that some industries benefit from digital marketing more than others...when it comes to movers web design and marketing for moving companies, the success of a digital marketing campaign can make or break you.

We're based out of Denver, Colorado, which is one of the largest tech hubs in the United States.